In State Production for Low THC Medical cannabis program

 HB 324, also known as Georgia's Hope Act, was finally approved by the Georgia legislature, with Compassionate GA helping to push it across the finish line!  Under the Georgia’s Hope Act, six producers could cultivate medical  cannabis preparations in Georgia, as could two universities. Pharmacies  could sell the medical cannabis preparations, and regulators  could authorize private dispensaries. (Due to medical cannabis’ federal  illegality, it is far from certain that universities or pharmacies  would participate.) 

Licensed businesses - the measure would establish three categories of medical cannabis businesses

Class 1 Production

5 licenses - no limit on cultivation capacity and includes processing. Producers may deliver to patients

Class 2 Production

5 licenses - cap of 20,000 square feet for cultivation and also includes processing. Delivery to patients included

Safe access retail license

10 licenses - includes up to 2 locations


* License's are to be approved no later than January 1, 2020
* If all licenses were awarded and retail outlets opened, there would be 60 retail outlets in GA and 10 grower/producers
* While producers can deliver to patients (and may have associated storefronts), the current bill does not allow stand alone dispensaries to deliver
* The bill would create a robust set of regulations for businesses, including extensive security, inventory tracking, and other operational requirements
* Licensees would carry a significant financial burden
* Class 1 producers would pay $50,00 to apply and $100,000 to operate in the first year.  Annual cost drops in subsequent years
* Class 2 producers would pay $12,500 to apply and $25,000 to operate in the first year
* Retail licensee applicants would pay $10,00 to apply and $20,000 to operate in the first year
* Businesses would not be allowed to operate within 1000 feet of schools, daycare or place of worship

Regulatory Oversight


* The Office of Low THC Oil would be created within the Department of Public Health to establish rules and administer and oversee the program
* The bill would also establish the Low THC License Board, which would review and approve license applications